I walked on to the Pomona-Pitzer Track and Field Invitational a couple of Saturday’s ago. Nice casual meet with a ton of college athletes from schools like Occidental, Redlands, UCI, UCR, Fresno State, Southern Utah (Cedar City in SW Utah), schools where academics are first and sports a serious but more casual second. Very nice atmosphere, NO bleacher seating, only lounging in the grass. No great times. I think the winning 4/100M relay time in the top flight was 41.something. No Husein Bolt-like times. A few cute girls in the high jump. Where were they when we were in school?
Oh yeah, couple of girls were wearing t-shirts saying ‘East Bay’ and I was going to make contact and inquire where they were from when I realized, that’s the old Cal State Hayward. It was sunny, not too warm, not exactly the Kennedy Games of the Mt Sac Relays (this weekend but I’m gassed from walking and I do the ballpark gig tonight and Sat) but it was pretty cool seeing that many track athletes gathered together and NOT be at some super-meet with tons of sponsor money and stuff. Not as much speed, but hey, you get what you pay for. I walked in and sat down..

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