Fading cell phone batteries (not just mine. .), careers in transition speed-talking over screaming hot rods, police cars and EMTs and blinking fire trucks jamming intersections. . .dinner at Grazianos, wine bars.
Man, a cigarette, tonight, on the deck, Friday night cruisers running stop signs and moaning all the way to the moon.
The stars are brighter in the San Joaquin Valley and tonight, tonight. . .clouds spread the sky announcing autumn and rain, leaves firing hot red and gold in time for black Friday. Oh, what a show. . .early shoppers huddling for value--huge discounts please--grab a number for that
half-price hundred dollar television.

Get a job. Spend money--charge it. Drink wine. Smoke a cigarette.

Scan the sky--stars still point the way--watch the sky.
I got a job.
Study the sky

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