Barack in '72

Rainy days always used to make us stay inside and work real hard at some project or another in third grade. I dedicate today’s entry to this life-skill learned when I was about ten years old.

Today’s lesson; Blogs. I write a couple. Maybe you do too.

What to look for in excellence, what to avoid.

Sub-heading; Sports and spin-offs and a few links I found that were just too good to pass up and pass on to you so here goes. Some of the blogs and tag lines from the sports blogosphere and associated misgivings…


Writing enhanced by flaxseed oil

Blogging is about passion first and foremost. But how many of us wouldn't like to tell our boss to f*** off cause we can make more money blogging? That is the goal of this forum.”

Now this one, juicedsportsblog.com is essential, positing the questions we all need answers for. The big one; will ‘roids help writers? ‘The Waxman Report; An investigation into the use of steroids and the National Book Awards’


“the word around the campfire tonight–that Floyd Mayweather and Rey Mysterio will form a tag team against Big Show and Shane McMahon.”

You knew this was coming. Pretty Boy looks bored, needs constant attention. What better outlet than Extreme Fighting? Say what, Pretty Boy and Oscar De La Hoya in a lingerie-shootout? Rad!


“A sports blog for those who remember the days when it was OK to throw inside, hit the quarterback and trash talk a bit.”

I have no idea who Cecilio Guante is, was, but he might have played baseball on the Cuban National team and defected to become a busboy in Miami. Check out the image of, maybe Cecilio, on the left hand side of the cover page.


Description: I'm just the best there is - I wake up in the morning and piss excellence. No one can hang with my stuff. Attributes: -100% Super Soft Cotton
-American Apparel Jersey T

Now this was a link, I think on CecilioGuante, a site for T-shirt aficionados and this was my favorite shirt. Before you wake up one morning and realize you really do need FLOMAX, you might just need a little Piss Excellence.


‘Get with Barack in ’72; The Scholastic Negro’ - a must-view for all you ‘Bama heads’...

Viral Video Explained; Bird Poops In Mouth: The Whole Story Find out what the online hit is really about

You’re really taking your chances here but before you cast a vote for anyone this fall you gotta check this out.

http://www.weritegoode.blogspot.com …I totally don’t get this one but maybe you will. Help me out.

There you have it. The sun’s coming out so I think we’re going to get recess…

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